Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Program


Emerald Ash Borer

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Several insecticide options are available to effectively treat landscape ash trees threatened by EAB. Family Tree and Turf Arborists have the knowledge and training to apply these treatments that have been evaluated by university and government scientists in field trials. Keep in mind, however, that controlling insects that feed under the bark with insecticides has always been challenging. This is especially true with EAB because most of our native New Jersey ash trees have little natural resistance to this pest. Effective control of EAB requires some care when selecting an insecticide product and application method to ensure the product is applied at the proper rate and time.


Family Tree and Turf uses 4 selective forms of treatment depending on the health and vigor

of the ash trees.

1. Process of Systemic insecticides that are applied as soil injections

2. Systemic insecticides applied as lower trunk sprays

3. Protective canopy sprays that are applied to the trunk, main branches, and foliage

4. Systemic insecticides applied as trunk injections


Each recommended treatment program is designed to meet the needs of the healthy / infected ash trees.


In dealing with the Emerald Ash Borer treatment will greatly prolong the life of our ash trees, Doing nothing will guarantee the death of the ash tree. Call today to protect your Ash Trees from this devastating insect.










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