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Time to Turn on the Sprinklers and Water Your Lawn

Minimal rainfall and expected elevated temperatures make it an ideal time to start watering.

Watering the lawn is much more than running the sprinklers at night or spraying it with a hose. Water Management is an integral part of a sound lawn care program.

Water should be applied deep and infrequently to simulate natural weather patterns. Intervals between watering encourage the grass to develop deep, strong root systems which results in increased drought tolerance. Shallow and frequent watering's lead to shallow-rooted grass and a weaker overall plant. One or two deep watering's every week are better than watering everyday.


Beyond Watering-Repairing Damaged Lawns

Core aeration will relieve soil compaction, allowing air and water into the grass root zone. This process will allow your existing lawn to develop a deeper, more heat tolerant root system which is the foundation of a healthy lawn.

Overseeding will introduce new growth that will fill in bare areas and improve the lawns overall appearance. The aeration holes act as growth pockets and help maximize seed germination and establish a new turf. Core Aeration combined with Overseeding is one of the best ways to help your lawn recover from the stress of a hot summer.

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