Tick (Deer Tick) Control

According the the Lyme Disease Association the following numbers of lymes disease were reported

In 1990 to 1998---39,387         In 2009---4,973 cases

In 2010---3,712 cases         In 2011---4,262 cases

Protect your family and pets today.

Family Tree and Turf Care Arborists are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to handling ticks, especially the deer tick (lxodes scapularis), a carrier of Lymes Disease,on your property. We will target the area of your property known as the eco zone (area between the lawn and wood line) with specific timed applications which will provide an immediate reduction of ticks on your property.

Tick-borne diseases, particularly Lymes disease, have become a significant public health issue during the last decade. Ticks will be found in grassy areas (including lawns), and in brushy, shrubby and woodland sites, even on warm winter days. They prefer areas where some moisture is present.


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