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Broadleaf Weed Control

The development and maintenance of a dense, healthy stand of grass is the best way to reduce the incidence of broadleaf weed problems developing in home lawns. To facilitate the production of healthy lawns, homeowners should incorporate recommended turf grass selections and management practices into their establishment and maintenance programs. These recommendations include the use of adapted species and cultivars, adequate fertilization programs, proper mowing practices, adequate supplemental irrigation, and necessary insect and disease control measures. Occasionally however, even the best cared-for lawns are sometimes invaded by broadleaf weeds.

POSTEMERGENT HERBICIDES will be used to control broadleaf weeds (i.e., non-grassy weeds) that are not prevented with the use of preemergent herbicides. It is essential that sensible cultural practices be used to encourage rapid fill-in soon after the turf has been treated with the weed control chemical, since new weeds will quickly re-infest the areas left open by the recently-killed weeds. For this reason, HERBICIDE USE SHOULD BE REGARDED AS ONLY ONE TOOL IN THE TOTAL WEED CONTROL PROGRAM.

Weed Name Life Cycle(1) Image Time of Application Degree of Control
Bindweed Perrenial Early Summer Good
Black medic Annual Early Spring Stubborn
Chickweed, common Annual Spring or Fall Good
Chickweed, mouse-ear Perrenial Fall or Spring Good
Chickory Perrenial Spring Good
Cinquefoil Perrenial Fall or Spring Controllable
Dandelion Perrenial Fall or Spring Controllable
Dock, curly



Fall or Spring Good
Garlic or onion Perrenial Late Fall, Early Spring Controllable
Ground ivy Perrenial Summer, Fall or sSring Stubborn
Heal-all Perrenial Spring Good
Henbit Annual Spring Stubborn
Knotweed Annual Spring to Mid-Summer Good
Mallow round leaf Annual Spring Fair
Pigweed Annual Summer Good
Plantain, buckhorn Perrenial Fall or Spring Fair
Plantain, common Perrenial Fall or Spring Good
Poison ivy Perrenial Spring or Summer Good
Purslane Annual Spring or Fall Stubborn
Red sorrel Perrenial Spring, Summer or Fall Good
Speedwell, creeping Perrenial Fall or Spring Good
Speedwell, annual Annual Spring or Fall Fair
Spurge, spotted Annual Summer Stubborn
Sow thistle Annual Fall Controllable
Thistle(3) Perrenial Spring Controllable
Wild violet Perrenial Spring or Fall Stubborn
White clover Perrenial Spring, Summer or Fall Good
Wild carrot



Fall or Spring Good
Wood sorrel


Annual Early Summer Fair-Good
Yarrow Perrenial Spring Stubborn
Knawel Annual Summer/Winter Stubborn




A=Annual P=Perrenial

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